Why Consumers Should Buy Business Laptops

Depending on your needs and budget, you may want a laptop that just performs the basic functions of email, web browsing, document creation and printing. Or you may want something beefier that can handle multimedia creation or even gaming.

HP’s business laptops feature excellent portability, compact and lightweight designs, long battery life, efficiency, and connectivity options.

No matter what your lifestyle needs are, you can find the best business laptop from HP to fit those requirements. software and the steps can vary depending on whether you have an AMD® or NVIDIA® graphics card.

You may think business laptops are just for offices, but there’s nothing wrong with using them for your personal tasks. Depending on what you’re looking for in a laptop, HP’s business laptops normally cost pretty much the same as their consumer counterparts.

Plus, HP business laptops have a tougher design and professional-grade performance.


Lady using business laptop with powerful processor, graphics and speed

Business laptops can power through those professional jobs faster than consumer laptops.

They have the processors, graphics and speed you need to run heavy creative or technical applications, along with configuration options that allow you to adjust your RAM and storage space accordingly.

Military-grade durability

business professionals using durable HP business laptops

Business laptops are typically built for durability and longevity. They can last through years of wear and tear, and some are even dust or water-resistant.

Serving as a series of performance tests focused on assessing the limits of new equipment, the MIL-STD 810G effectively showcases how much abuse HP’s business laptops can take.

This is especially great for college students who stuff their bags to the brim, or digital nomads who frequently travel, as HP business laptops are made to withstand bumps and rough surfaces.

Compact design

HP business laptops are sturdy but not heavy and slim yet powerful

A compact laptop can be the perfect choice for you if you need a device that’s sturdy but not heavy, slim yet powerful.

From doing homework at the library to playing games at a tournament, to watching Netflix in your hotel room, you can find a smaller HP business laptop to fit the bill.


HP business laptops with fingerprint reader

HP’s business laptops come with added biometric features like a fingerprint reader or face recognition as standard or reasonably priced options along with HP security features.

Many business laptops now come with features to detect and prevent malware attacks. Some even have integrated privacy filters to prevent prying eyes from seeing what’s on the screen.

Which HP Business laptop should you buy?

HP EliteBook

HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook Laptop PC

The HP EliteBook laptop is a configurable powerhouse machine backed by an industry-leading Intel® processor, while the security features will alert you of any malware or threats. Not only is this business laptop easy on the eyes, but it’s also incredibly lightweight for the powerful specs it houses.

If you want a flexible laptop with the performance metrics to match, the HP EliteBook x360 range is a versatile machine that’s great for home and office use.

HP EliteBook laptops have a star-studded reputation for being among the best high-end business laptops on the market.

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HP ProBook

HP ProBook x360 435 G7 Notebook PC

The HP ProBook laptops are designed for enhanced performance, which makes it the perfect device for those who focus specifically on multitasking. They’re also designed with security in mind, so you get to keep your files safe.

You also have the option of HP ProBook x360 laptop, which allows you to be flexible with the orientation of your screen.

The HP ProBook laptop family is a good place to start if you want power without compromising on your budget.

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HP ZBook

HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 Mobile Workstation

Whether you’re a creative student or you dabble in video editing for social media platforms, you’ll need a laptop that doubles as your vision station. Trusted by professionals yet simple enough for beginners, it’s a sleek mobile tool that can handle whatever today’s inspired student can put it through.

The HP ZBook mobile workstation comes standard with the industry’s best tools, too, and boasts Windows 10 Pro, NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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HP Essential Business (HP 240/245 G7)

HP Essential Business (HP 240/245 G7)

If you just want a basic laptop for browsing the internet and working on simple documents, look no further than the HP Essential Business laptops such as the HP 240 G7 or the HP 245 G7. Not only are they very affordable, but they also come with the latest technology including a powerful processor, fast memory and a durable chassis that helps protect the PC.

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HP ChromeBook

Chrome OS

HP Chromebooks run Chrome OS, a web-only operating system that integrates into the Google suite of free web apps. They combine the form and utility of a laptop with a dedicated keyboard, touchpad, and computing power to connect to and run web applications and video, as well as to connect to a printer.

The remarkably thin HP Chromebook meets several military-grade specifications, giving you durability without a bulky design or added weight.

Get extensive coverage

Extended warranty for spillage or accidents on HP business laptops

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. HP laptops come with an optional Accidental Damage Protection so you can have peace of mind wherever you bring your laptop to.

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