Point of Sale System Supply and Installation

Operating a retail store calls for diverse marketing, management and administrative skills. From ensuring that there is enough inventory to putting together monthly sales reports, these skills are necessary in ensuring that your business works smoothly. Having the right POS system can go a long way in ensuring that all the operations runs smoothly.

Software Components of a POS System

A POS system consists of hardware and software components that make running daily operations of business faster and easier.

Why Is POS System Useful?

A POS allows you to have a better control over your operations. With POS, you will know the exact products that you have sold in a day and how many products are remaining. It allows better planning and analytical thinking. For instance, POS makes it easier to track inventory, to notice and analyse sale reports and other data in order to precisely predict the future trend and company’s requirement

A POS allows you to increase efficiency and thus managing your company’s paperwork becomes more time saving. Managing orders and bills, reports and sales figure is made very convenient.

It allows you to make personal client communication more efficient. It makes it easier to gather contact details of your best client at the same time complete the purchase. This information is quite imperative for generating personal offers and develop communication with clients.

KSh6,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh6,500.00 Excl. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

Syble XB-2055 Barcode Scanner

KSh7,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh8,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh8,500.00 Excl. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

X-POS BC-420 Cash Drawer

KSh9,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh10,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh12,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh13,000.00 Excl. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

EPOS Thermal Printer TEP-220MC

KSh13,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh14,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh15,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh15,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh17,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh18,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh19,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh21,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh24,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh25,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh25,000.00 Excl. Tax
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KSh25,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh26,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh27,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh29,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh32,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh35,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh36,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh36,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh43,000.00 Excl. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

Aclas PP7X KRA Fiscal Printer

KSh50,000.00 Excl. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

Aclas ES1X ESD Machine

KSh65,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh72,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh80,000.00 Excl. Tax

Point of Sale (POS)

SD260 Plastic ID Card Printer

KSh105,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh110,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh160,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh165,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh305,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh410,000.00 Excl. Tax