Latest Printers and Scanners in Kenya

Get the best printers with Kenya Computer Shop. We stock diverse types of printers for business, home and office use. We have document scanners for your document scanning needs. We are an authorised dealer of leading brands of Printers in Nairobi such as the HP, Kyocera, Epson, Brother, Canon printers among others.

We have diverse types of document scanners such as sheetfeed, barcode and flatbed scanners. We sell our scanners and printers in wholesale and retail to other printer shops in Nairobi and East Africa. Visit us today for amazing and cheap prices of printers in Kenya.

Why shop with Kenya Computer Shop

We have partnered with printer and scanners manufacturer and time to time run promotions for diverse printer types with unbeatable prices.

Wide varieties of Printer types available for sale.

We stock different types of printers such as the inkjet printers, Laser Printers, Label Printers, dot matrix printers, thermal Printers, ETR receipt printers, photo printing, Photocopy machines, A3 printers, wireless printers, colour printers, receipt printers among other types of printers.

The printers in Kenya prices have slowly reduced over the years. We are at the forefront to make the printers prices affordable by many people. For different printer’s prices, check out the Epson printers prices,

Brother Printers and Scanners

With several options available for the most popular mobile operating systems, it’s easier than ever to integrate Brother Printers and all-in-ones with your favourite smartphone or tablet. You can digitize important photos and documents by scanning with Brother Device that sends them directly to a shared location in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft word and searchable PDF.

Canon Printers and Scanners

With diverse range of printing options, consider the following when shopping for a canon printer. Always check to see whether the printer is compatible with the devices you already have. Remember, a less expensive printer can often have a higher running cost based on cartridge yield.

Shop for a multifunction according to how you will use it. Consider your volume of printing, whether you need a color or mono printing. Shopping for a multifunction printer with an LCD screen may give you extra benefits allowing easy configuration the printer for use, check the printer status and use independently from computer for faxing or copying.

Most multifunction printers include wireless capabilities; are included Ethernet network, cloud apps and mobile device printing.

Multifunction Printers

This are all in one combines photocopier, scanner, printer and in some cases email and fax functionality into one convenient unit to keep the productivity high. Basic multifunction will include copier, scanner and printer functionality. Advanced features include automatic document feeder, email, and fax, and LCD screen, mobile and wireless device printing capabilities.

Fully featured Multifunction printers with LCD screen enable you to use the device without the need of a computer for faxing, copying and even emailing a document. Some multifunction printers will allow or email document from USB key.


  • Types of Printers
  • Inkjet Printers

Inkjet multifunction printers are suited to various uses from casual at home printing and scanning, small business or home office use to high volume professional business use and professional business and photographic printing.

Inkjet are ideal for printing images and offer various options from basic colour printing to photographic printing on specialized photographic paper. Inkjet are ideal for normal text printing, including images, from web pages, essay assignments and other documents from home/school to professional business documents.


From light duty to ultra-rugged models- portable and stationary, to printer software, parts, service and media, Honeywell offers an extensive solutions for any print application and environment.

Industrial Label Printers

  • Easy programmability
  • Error-proof labelling
  • Advanced networking connectivity and security
  • RFID and liner-less technology

Desktop Label Printers

The clear choice for a wide variety of light-duty label, ticket, and tag printing applications.

  • Quiet and compact
  • Highly flexible and intuitive
  • A range of configurations designed to match your needs


Explore powerful potential of Kyocera products to serve business needs and improve agility, efficiency and productivity. They all benefit from Kyocera innovative and robust technology. We have both Colour and Black/white multifunctional photocopiers.

Multifunctional photocopiers have the ability to scan, print and opy. We stock new Kyocera copiers. Kyocera are available at best prices in Kenya.

Kyocera MFPs and ECOSYS printers deliver superior performance and best in class reliability. Long-life imaging components dramatically lower total costs while providing the high productivity and exceptional image quality your business demands.
Advantages of Kyocera

  • Commitment to quality control
  • Award-winning ultra-reliability
  • Environmentally-friendly devices
  • Unsurpassed performance
  • High standards of integrity
  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Lower running costs

Productive Business Applications

Kyocera printers and MFPs give you the flexibility to manage job-specific tasks securely and efficiently. Customizable applications include Access lock and secure print release. Kyocera also has a deep understanding of MFP and printer technology with unmatched affordability, reliability and durability.

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