Brand New Computer Desktops Sales in Kenya

Our daily tasks, general life, communication get easier day by day as technology grows relentlessly. There are diverse products that have been made in the computing world such as scanners, flash drives, laptops, printers and more. These products have diverse ways that makes work easier in transferring, connecting and printing photos and documents

Kenya Computer Shop offers you the largest collection of computers and laptops from your favorite brands. Shop Chromebooks, laptop, Ultrabooks, desktop PCs and more.  Some of our products Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, and others, to tablets, gaming accessories, and software.

We also offer peripheral accessories like storage devices, printer and scanners, monitors and other hardware to give you the best productivity experience. Check out our special deals at competitive prices that few other electronics retailers will not be able to offer you. You are guaranteed a good deal on strong and durable laptops from the best brands, does not matter if it is new or used. A computer is an integral part of the functionality of a business, and to execute your duties with utmost tenacity, you need a system that understands and befits your work ethic, this is the reason we have a wide range of New HP laptops even used are available as well.

You can choose to go for the Lenovo desktops, due to its sheer power and productivity, maybe that will get your drive on. That is if strong computers make it for you. There are solid and long lasting computers Dell on Kenya Computer Shop.

Purchasing your desktop on the best online shopping site in Kenya is giving you the guaranty of quality. Indeed, the best IT brands are available at Kenya Computer Shop

Brand New Lenovo Desktop

ThinkPad USB3.0 to Ethernet Adapter

KSh2,500.00 Excl. Tax

Brand New Lenovo Desktop

Lenovo USB-C to ETHERNET Adapter

KSh3,500.00 Excl. Tax
Out of stock
KSh4,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh12,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh16,250.00 Excl. Tax
KSh17,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh19,500.00 Excl. Tax

Brand New HP Desktops

HP N246v 23.8-inch Monitor

KSh22,750.00 Excl. Tax

Brand New Lenovo Desktop

Lenovo T23d ThinkVision 22.5″ I

KSh24,948.00 Excl. Tax
KSh35,000.00 Excl. Tax

Brand New Lenovo Desktop

Lenovo V530/MT desktop 10TV002VUM

KSh35,910.00 Excl. Tax

Brand New HP Desktops

HP 600 G4 Duo Core 8GB RAM 256SSD

KSh39,000.00 Excl. Tax
Out of stock
Out of stock
KSh47,000.00 Excl. Tax

Brand New HP Desktops

HP Desktop Pro G2 MT core i3

KSh50,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh51,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh51,030.00 Excl. Tax
KSh55,200.00 Excl. Tax
KSh58,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh59,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh60,000.00 Excl. Tax
KSh60,000.00 Excl. Tax